Sira And Sohbet Meetings Music Culture

Sira And Sohbet Meetings Music Culture

Sira and Sohbet Meetings music culture

In the process of history some of our traditions are corrupted and some of them are disappearing for various reasons.

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In the process of history some of our traditions are corrupted and some of them are disappearing for various reasons. On the other hand, our traditions are carried on with the first day's enthusiasm and excitement. Traditional Sohbet Meetings; “Sıra Gecesi”  here is one of the traditions of Şanlıurfa and Şanlıurfa people who are living with their full life.

Since many years, “Sıra Gecesi”  has attracted media attention at every opportunity. The music performed on the nights has been the focus of the program producers and has been broadcast by various program producers on almost all television channels in the name of “Sıra Gecesi”.  “Sıra Gecesi”  have been featured on the many movies such as "Zügürt Ağa" and " Eşkıya"  In some television channels, music programs broadcasted every week under the name “Sıra Gecesi”.  Many newspapers and magazines have published news and articles about the evening. The entertainment nights were organized for guests and senior bureaucrats who came to Şanlıurfa and various establishments and associations have organized nights with the name of “Sıra Gecesi”. Thus “Sıra Gecesi” became a symbol of Şanlıurfa and an introduction night of Şanlıurfa culture in order to become a tradition living in Şanlıurfa.  


Although some of the television programs organized under the name of “Sıra Gecesi” attempted to reflect the chats, games and music in “Sıra Gecesi”, and in most of them, only the music chapter of the “Sıra Gecesi” was included. For this reason, it is commonly understood as "music night" when it is called as “Sıra Gecesi”. However, music is just one part of the “Sıra Gecesi”. The Sıra Gecesi music has many other functions besides music.


For this reason, we will try to emphasize “Sıra Gecesi” in our cultural life, which will be discussed in this article with various aspects of “Sıra Gecesi” which our country has been pursuing for many years and which is the center of interest of the media in recent years.


What is "Sira Gecesi"?


"Sıra Gecesi” in Şanlıurfa generally, in winter nights, young people in the age group close to each other, or groups of friends in the middle age, are held in another friend 's house every week, one evening a week according to a certain quality and layout. Briefly "Sıra Gecesi”  is a meeting where a group of friends come together once a week.

Music at the Sira Gecesi


It can be said that the most important factor in the development of music in Şanlıurfa, its survival and the emergence of new composers and artists is the "Sıra Gecesi"  tradition. In the "Sıra Gecesi"  nights, music is performed in the master-apprentice tradition. Music is played in the tradition of Şanlıurfa mode in the places that people who can play or read any instrument create. When the authorities are performed, the song and the song are read according to that mode. In the meantime, "hoyrat" and "gazel" are read. Beginners in music are listening to masters at the "Sıra Gecesi", taking music information and learning the Şanlıurfa music modes. In this respect, the "Sıra Gecesi" nights can also be called "public conservatories". Many celebrities, such as Mukim Tahir, Kel Hamza, Damburacı Derviş, Tenekeci Mahmut, Kazancı Bedih, İbrahim Tatlıses, Mehmet Özbek, Mahmut Coşkunses trained, grew up at "Sıra Gecesi" and took advantage of their apprentices themselves during their mastery periods.


Place of the "Sira Gecesi"in Şanlıurfa Culture Life


We can summarize the place of Şanlıurfa culture life as follows. People from Şanlıurfa learn from their young age that they respect and respect their grandparents by attending their regular "Sıra Gecesi" meeting, sitting in the congregation, talking about their traditions and customs, the rules of obedience, talking to the community, talking when they get there and listening when they come. In this respect, "Sıra Gecesi" called a public school.


Several books are read and interpreted from time to time at "Sıra Gecesi" night. In this regard, " Sıra Gecesi " is an educational facility. "Sıra Gecesi" culture is the sharing of pain and happiness. If close friends of a friend die, the other friends will be with their friends until the funeral is set up and share the pain of their friends. In happy days like weddings and henna party, friends come together again and share happiness.


 The most important reason for the development and popularization of music in Sanliurfa is "Sıra Gecesi" nights. These nights are the medium of learning where music is taught and performed in accordance with a master apprentice tradition. In this respect, it is a "Public Conservatory".


 Those who are curious about particular animals, such as partridge and horse, talk about their favourite topics at night; In this respect, it is like a society, an association.  


Şanlıurfa's social, cultural and economic problems are spoken and discussed during the night and solutions are produced. In this respect, there is a consultation meeting between the nights.


"Sıra Gecesi" nights is where social assistance and solidarity concentrate and turn into practice. As friends provide help among themselves, people are help poor families by collecting money.


"Sıra Gecesi" is a decent chat environment; Are chatted with knowledge and wisdom owners. They listen  poems, talk about culture and literature.


"Sıra Gecesi" nights where traditional "Tolaka" and "Ring cup" games are played and traditions are kept alive and it is a lobby where the Şanlıurfa and Şanlıurfa people  are promoted.


"Sıra Gecesi"; Are the places where the rich Şanlıurfa's dishes are introduced to the guests, and where the Çiğköfte (traditional Şanlıurfa food) and desserts are eaten.


 Arriving to Sira Gecesi


The arrival time of the "Sıra Gecesi" event occurs at previously determined hours and it is of great importance. Everyone has to come at the appointed time. It will have to pay the previously determined fines that if person do not come at the appointed time. The guests will be welcomed at the host's door and taken to the living room. Those who come before to the event stand up and welcomed by others.  Person who come to the night Salute everyone and sit at the appropriate place. The older ones are sitting on the top, the younger ones sitting close to the door.

uest Hospitality at Sira Gecesi


Someone from the "Sıra Gecesi" event  can bring a guest with them. Guests are provided at the top of the room. Guests arriving in the "Sıra Gecesi" are introduced by the person who brought the "Sıra Gecesi". Introductions in the event are made by the person who broughts the guest, or the ordinary ones introduce themselves in a single order.


Chatting at Sira Gecesi


One of the most important functions of the "Sıra Gecesi" event  is the conversation. Conversation starts by asking what is happening in the "Sıra Gecesi". Those who come to the place start talking about each other's health situations, business situations etc. The conversation continues to deepen in many ways. Among the topics of conversation, there are many topics such as the news of current week, market situation, economy, politics and religious issues. The topic of the conversation also varies according to the interests of the guests. If the guests are bird-lovers, they are predominantly have chat on birds; if music enthusiast, they chat on music;  and if it is culture, they talk about literature and poetry. The topics that are spoken during the nights are varied according to the professions of the tourists, culture and art structures, and their collections; Health, education, politics, economics, art, literature, religious issues, Şanlıurfa's problems; Just about every subject can be discussed, such as Turkey and world affairs. Some "Sıra Gecesi"  are especially invited to a guest who specializes in the subject they are interested in or are interested in, and his talk is listened to and tried to be enjoyed.

Discipline and Judgment at the Sira Gecesi


The basis of the "Sıra Gecesi" are disciplines. There is a series of rules from beginning to end of night. The person participating in the event must strictly adhere to these. Those who do not comply with these rules, who cannot adapt, will have to leave "Sıra Gecesi" in time. The general rules of the "Sıra Gecesi are generally known by the attendants.

Bitter Coffee and Tea Offering at the Sira Gecesi


 First of all, cigarettes and bitter coffee are served to the guests. Bitter coffee is called "Mırra" in Şanlıurfa. To make bitter coffee, the coffee beans are first roasted and pulled large. The cupped coffee is put into a large coffee pot called "Gümgüm" and it is boiled well, the boiling coffee is filtered by another coffee pot, and the rested coffee is filtered again. The draining coffee is called "hel" and the plant seed which gives a special taste is mixed and boiled and served warmly to the guests. Coffee is served to the guests with special hand-free cups. The Mırra is placed in a small amount to the bottom of the cup and given twice to  guests. Next, tea is served after the bitter coffee. It is also occasionally served "ayran" and syrup in summer besides of bitter coffee and tea.

Main Meal  of the Sira Gecesi "Cigköfte"


In the evening there is "Çigköfte" as a meal, and there are rarely dinner at the "Sıra Gecesi"  as well. In other words, we can say that "Çiğ Köfte" is the indispensible food of the night. When they finish chatting or music, they will pick up  and they will help to knead the "Çiğ Köfte". They go to the other room where the main materials (cracked wheat, meat, isot (red pepper) and other materials have been prepared before. The person who will knead the "Çiğ Köfte" starts to work by washing his hand beautifully. When the "Çiğ Köfte" will nearly to cooked, the table starts to be laid. Cooking a "Çiğ Köfte"  is a virtue. Every person who comes to the "Sıra Gecesi"  cannot cook good "Çiğ Köfte" because of its difficulty. The person who cooks the  "Çiğ Köfte" in every event is definite and he cook the "Çiğ Köfte"   in the every time in "Sıra Gecesi".  In addition to the "Çiğ Köfte", salad, cucumber, tomato and olive salad  are served with drinks .


 Dessert at the Sira Gecesi


After the "Çiğ Köfte", any kind of local desserts such as "kadayıf", "şıllık", "katmer", baklava or "daş ekmeği", "küncülü akıt and, "şire" can be served. If the lady of the "Sıra Gecesi" owner is skilful, these desserts are prepared at home, or they are taken from the bazaar.



As a result, we can say: "Sıra Gecesi" is  like a public school ". It is the education and training institution. It is the nights when friendships turn into amities, solidarity and help, pleasant conversation, music and literature. The tradition of "Sıra Gecesi", which has an important place in Şanlıurfa culture life, is still very common between Şanlıurfa local people and people of Şanlıurfa who live abroad.  It is a glory and a beauty that the tradition of the  day, where many traditions are corrupted and partly lost, is alive today. The continuation of the tradition of "Sıra Gecesi" is a sign that our people have their own national values against such negative effects. For this reason, it is still a wish that the tradition of "Sıra Gecesi" will continue tomorrow as it is today.