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Creative Cities In Türkiye

Creative Cities In Türkiye

Creative Cities in Türkiye

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Creative Cities in Our Country
The UNESCO Creative Cities Network Program, created by UNESCO in 2004, is an initiative that brings together cities from various regions with different income levels, capacities and populations to work in the field of creative industries.
Cities are capable of producing and discovering new dimensions of creativity with their dynamic structures that combine historical and cultural backgrounds and various cultural actors. The program aims to develop the creative, economic and social potential of cultural industries run by local actors and therefore supports UNESCO's ideals of cultural diversity.
The Creative Cities Network is shaped around seven themes that can be chosen by cities according to their creative industry sector preferences, where they will direct their talents and energies. These themes were determined as literature, film, music, craft and folk arts, design, gastronomy and media arts. Currently, the Creative Cities Network has 295 members.

UNESCO Creative Cities in Turkiye:

Gaziantep - Gastronomy (2015)

Hatay - Gastronomy (2017)

Istanbul - Design (2017)

Kütahya - Crafts and Folk Arts (2017)

Afyonkarahisar - Gastronomy (2019)

Kırşehir - Music (2019)

Bursa - Crafts and Folk Arts (2021)