Why Uccn

Why Uccn


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Şanlıurfa is a city where Göbeklitepe that is the oldest known sanctuary all over the world dating back to the Neolithic period, 12,000 BC is located near Şanlıurfa city centre.


It should not be wrong to state that the “Neolithic Revolution” began in and around Göbeklitepe. Supporting this thesis is the absence of any pictorial representation of hunting animals, a trademark of the Stone Age, and the discovery of the earliest forms of wheat and various grains in this region.


According to historian Ebul-Farac, Şanlıurfa is the first province and most important settlement established on earth after the Noah flood.


Since Şanlıurfa is a very important junction, on the Silk Road in history, it takes places in fertile land of Mesopotamia. Fertility of land created a wide variety of religions, cultures and civilizations as well as music which is nourished by that mosaic of humankind, a wide range of these sources and finally had international and intercultural rightful reputational over the world. Recently we have worldwide famous musicians İbrahim Tatlıses (Turkish folkloric), Ahmet Kanneci (International Guitar virtuoso) and Şivan Perver (Kurdish folkloric).


In the Haleplibahçe Mosaics, dating back to the 5th Century A.D, a portrayed mosaic was depicted that a musician performing the music with his hands. Again, in many mosaics findings in Şanlıurfa, motifs were accompanied by representing musical performances. The most noteworthy among these finds are found in the excavations in Şanlıurfa's Eyyübiye district demonstrate that the birds, lions, deer and angels listen the Orpheus’s magical music.


If we would like to express principal common activity in Şanlıurfa which covers all people without any exemption is music. Because it is a part of our daily life, we sing welcome songs for birth, and lament in the condolence homes. You listen to beats of working artisans as if playing instruments, and Sıra Gecesi is the way of life for city.


Traditional Sohbet meetings (Sıra Gecesi) play a crucial role in transmitting Turkish folk literature, folk dances and music, village plays as well as societal values. Turkish men meet regularly indoors, especially in winter, to discuss local social and cultural issues, safeguard traditions, and encourage solidarity, mutual respect and a sense of community. Meetings may include music, dances and plays, all enjoys while consuming local dishes. With the reason of originating authentic human values, UNESCO adopted the "Traditional Sohbet meetings (Sıra Geceleri)" to Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List 2010.


Şanlıurfa has a high economic development rate in agriculture and Industry, with young and dynamic population. Our strategy is to improve creativity in social, cultural and environmental fields by supporting individual creators, civil organisations, public and private sector. To found a common welfare city by particular programs this would cover especially vulnerable groups.


By joining the UCCN, the city will be able to transfer its historical experience to other members of the Creative Cities Network and benefit from their experiences, collaboration with other music cities and other cities in UCCN as well will create a synergy in us and would encourage for new projects to support creativity.


We are sincerely convinced that participation of Şanlıurfa to UCCN will contribute greatly to our city and we are sure it will sustain the creativity in music tradition as a worthy heritage to future generations.


With the projects and programs Şanlıurfa will develop and implement with the participation of all the actors in the fields of music and culture improve of creativity in all segments of society especially youths, women and Syrian guests with projects and sustainable programs in line with the goals of UNESCO 2030 agenda. We also believe that the development of creativity in all segments of society will develop and sustain in culture of music as a driver for sustainable programs.


We are sure and sincerely convinced that Şanlıurfa will become a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and be a member in the music field will develop its own potential as well as bring new breath to the world culture.


We will be happy and proud to be a member of UNESCO Creative City Network in music field which has set out with the aim of sharing the treasured culture and music with the whole humanity.


We are ready for official engagement of Şanlıurfa to perform all of the responsibilities, tasks and duties that this membership might bring on our shoulders.