Scope: preserve & modernize the city’s most important music and social event SSNs, where adults and young people get their first musical education & local musicians come together to perform traditional music.


- Capacity building and enhance the standard of the SSN groups,

- Increase the economic contribution of music, iterature and gastronomy & making creativity an essential component of the city’s urban development through public/private/civil society partnerships,

- Balancing the income distribution, the living & service conditions of the artists

Activities: series of workshops with stakeholders will be held to develop a road map of the city’s main social and musical events and how to integrate it with the city’s urban development strategy.

Partners: SMM, CCI, ŞURKAV, Public Education Centres, Associations in the Creative Area, HRU, hotels/guest houses, STD

Outcome: increase SSNs locations in the city’s neighbourhood cultural centres to & employment opportunities, exceeding the expectation of SSNs visitors & improving tourism and economic development in the city.


Scope: telling the story & revive the music of the city, creating a premier experience centre, & reflecting the social diversity, where everyone has the opportunity to participate in the exhibitions, interactive studios and research revenues.


- Reach out the community by facilitating dialogues through musical collections & activities as the academy will be serving nationally & regionally,

- Introduce traditional music using high Tech and fusions,

- Emphasize the importance of Şanlıurfa as a musical focus,

- Develop innovation hubs and opportunities for professionals.

Activities: the project will be hosted in İbrahim Tatlıses Music Museum & its surrounding historical area, providing educational programs, digitize all music data exist to create a digital library as an open source to all researchers, in addition to hosting and organizing regular regional and local musical and cultural conferences/workshops/residencies.

Partners: SMM, STD, PDCT, ŞURKAV, Public Education Centres, Associations in the Creative Area, HRU, NGOs

Outcome: develop more partnerships across the public/private/civil society sectors, build professional and artistic networks, produce policies for sustainable urban development, and enhance communication among local community.


Scope: believing in the importance of preserving and transferring our diverse musical genres and traditions in the city to the next generation, we aim to establish traditional music hubs in every district of the province representing their own local musical heritage.


- Making music part of the city’s lifestyle and audible everywhere;

- Promote and support amateur music;

- Improve conditions of musicians;

- Integrate the city’s music sector into its development strategies.

Activities: increasing the number of music workshops in the city, provide on-site training in every music branch, provide platforms and more space to shape the city’s street music.

Partners: SMM, Public Education Centre, Music Associations, HRU, STD

Outcome: Make sure all musicians especially amateurs, to receive training and education; increase the interest in music and musicians; improve the social-economic conditions and participation of disadvantaged groups and musicians in the cultural life of Şanlıurfa.


Scope: create an event to spread hope during the global restrictions and beyond, a platform for musicians and all creative people to perform together and introduce national and international audiences to music from different cultures.


- Enable diverse music genres from UCCN cities to be performed together and integrate traditional music in a universal sense,

- Create a non-competitive environment for music cities to share experiences,

- Develop creative ways to promote music and cultural assets of participating cities.

Activities: inviting the member cities of the UCCN and more to participate in an annual music festival under different themes.

Partners: SMM, UCCN, KDA, Governorate, CCI, Music Associations, HRU, STD

Outcome: create innovative fusion of the performed music; Annual report covering the participation and the new tech in the music industry; Reinforce the feelings of peace and friendship by sharing creative music experiences; Expand our city’s international network; Providing opportunities and a platform for young musicians; Increase the percentage of the music industry contribution within the city’s income.


Scope: develop an orchestra with an international dimension in the context of music as a powerful agent of social change, it can reach millions of people, raising awareness of social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Objectives & Activities:

- Enhance partnership with UCCN members;

- Strengthen international cooperation between cities by different exchange programs and projects that adopt alike vision.

Moreover, The orchestra will support opportunities for women and girls with access to music education and help them pursue a career in the music industry; the formation of the orchestra and performances in different parts of the world will emphasize music as an instrument of friendship and peace building. Additionally the project will bring together cultures and music collected from different cities.

Partners: SMM, The International Organization of Turkic Culture, Public Training Centres, HRU, and STD

Outcome: reduction in unemployment by increasing the skills of disadvantaged groups; removal of barriers, fusing different music and cultures at international level; and a higher number of the international collaboration events.


Scope: since globalization means that to be successful city, has to create innovative ways to assert cultural and creative distinctiveness, a residency program will be established, where artists can meet from different creative fields.


- Support the exchange of cultural knowledge,

- Promote diversity between the UCCN,

- Offer professional development for artists

- Engage the local community through programs at a community facility.

Activities: bringing a wide range of cultural activities such as exchange workshops, exhibitions, music and film production, creative culinary, literary research center and cultural activities for children and adults.

Partners: SMM, CCI, ŞURKAV, Public Education Centers, Associations in the Creative Area HRU, NGOs, STD

Outcome: sharing experiences and develop long-lasting relations within UCCN; local authorities to raise the city’s profile as cultural diversity embraced; increase the organizational skills of the city; create dynamism needed for the sustainable development of neighborhoods.