OBJECTIVES: The most important event of the city's music tradition with Sıra Gecesi it aimed to increase the capacities of the groups that serve in Sıra Gecesi. Thus, it aimed to foster the economic contribution in the field of music and together with the practiced with gastronomy. The main object of this project is to balance the income distribution in the city and to improve the living and service conditions of the employees.

PRJOCET PARTNERS: ŞMM, ŞCCI, Public Education Centres, Music and Gastronomy Associations, HRU, KOSGEB, Hotels, Guest Houses, MESAM

ACTIONS: Making informative meetings with stakeholders, giving trainings to the workers and managers in the related fields of UCCN in the city, and necessary inspections will be done to reach the targeted levels.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Sıra Gecesi tradition, which is the treasury of the city, aims to preventing quality degradation and ensuring sustainability of tradition. Creating employment opportunities and  to support economic development and  improving tourism in the city.



OBJECTIVES: To make the music lifestyle of the city and audible in everywhere, promote and support amateur music, promote conditions and capacitiesof musicians and to improve their conditions.

PRJOCET PARTNERS: ŞMM, ŞCCI, Public Education Centres, Music Associations, HRU, İŞKUR, National Education Directorate

ACTIONS: To establish musical workshops in regions where disadvantaged populations live, provide on-site training in every branch of music, promote and improve the music through composition, lyrics and performance competitions of music, and musicians to provide shelters suitable for human health and dignity and to play music in streets.

EXPECTED RESULTS : As a result of the actions taken on the project, it is expected to increase the quality of all musicians, especially amateurs.

Training, increasing interest in music and musicians through competitions;

Improving the social and economic conditions of disadvantaged groups and musicians with the development of music in our city through new compositions and interpretations.



OBJECTIVES: The City Culture Centre, which will be active soon, aims at the formation of a unit where all activities related to music can be carried out. First of all, research and publications  made up until now will be gathered together in a single archive by bringing together, unrevealed and undocumented music values to be found and registered for inclusion, voice and video recording related to music in the city, classification and digitization of notes and written texts, all documents will be protected in a numerical library as a treasure of the city, and the digital treasure will be opened to all researchers to on-site and remote access.

PROJECT PARTNERS:ŞMM, GOVERNORATE, KDA, Culture and Tourism Directorate, HRU

ACTIONS: Acquisition of usage rights by obtaining theses, books, articles and similar publications written with all audio and video records related to our music. Discussion of the method by organizing a workshop for the investigation of other items of music that not included in the scope of the research.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Our musical treasure will be open to everybody in accordance with the developing technology age. It will enrich of the music world's knowledge by uncovering the undocumented music values with researches and activities and to be role model to our countryand UCCN cities.



OBJECTIVES: Bringing together our city and other cities in UCCN to create innovative ways to promote different musical styles, integrate traditional music universally, create an uncompromising meeting environment for music cities, exchange experiences through workshops and promote the music and cultural assets of participating cities’ development.

PROJECT PARTNERS: ŞMM, UCCN Cities, KDA, Governorate, ŞCCI, Music Associations, HRU, ŞMCA (Şanlıurfa Music and Composer Association), MU-YAP  

ACTIONS: Organize different festivals every year. Integrate our music with other city music by inviting cities from different countries and UCNN cities, adaptation music with a theme from UCCN areas every year and to share experiences through workshops, competitions and presentations.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Strengthening the friendship with international participants, contributing to sharing the city's creative music experiences with the participants, expanding our international network by making use of the participants' experiences and making a positive contribution to the city's economy.



OBJECTIVES: To establish an orchestra composed of citizens of UCCN and other international cities to provide music and instrument education to the disadvantaged groups in the city, thus contributing to the socio-economic life of the city and to be a role model for UCCN cities.

PROJECT PARTNERS: ŞMM, TÜRKSOY, UCCN, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), PEC, HRU

ACTIONS: Giving concerts in different parts of the world, supporting the development of similar projects in other music cities on the network and performing activities with music compiled from different cities.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Reducing unemployment by increasing income levels of disadvantaged groups, remove barriers especially in the field of music and to integrate different cultures internationally.



OBJECTIVES: Increasing the capacity of the city's institutions with the acceleration of social development with the dynamism that the city's creativity will reveal in the tourism and trade areas, the training and activities to be done for Kenya-Garissa city, which we are on the way to becoming a sister city. ŞMM will start the construction of orphanage for the sister city for orphaned children to gain profession and reintroduce for society.

PROJECT PARTNERS: Garissa City, TİKA, Embassy of Turkey in Kenya, ŞMM, KDA

ACTIONS: Three people will be assigned to Garissa these will be given training in UCCN field in city and improve their applied workshops and expertise, in Garissa,  develop workshop and training on UCCN, ensure that an expert is assigned to coordinate the work for project to cooperate and support Garissa in preparing the candidate for the membership of the UCCN.

EXPECTED RESULTS:Increase the number of applications for membership of UCCN from African countries, increase the capacities of the institutions in the city with education and activities, to contribute to the social and economic development of Garissa through actions to be taken and to improve the conditions of  respectability of orphaned children in the orphanage.