The URFES Great Concert!

The URFES Great Concert!

The URFES İsot Festival organized by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality for 2 days and it ended with a magnificent concert. However, awards were given to the competitors of Çiğköfte (traditional Urfa food) and İsot (Pepper) competition.

Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi stated that "URFES Isot Festival made a great contribution to the promotion of Şanlıurfa,  I would love to say that  İsot (pepper), music and gastronomy are belonged to Şanlıurfa". "We will be industrious, we will produce, we will know the value and we will bring our city to the most beautiful spot."

The URFES Isot Festival, which was organized by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality on Saturday and Sunday, ended with a final concert. Citizens showed intense interest in the URFES Festival, where the isot harvest, the adventure of Isot from farm to table, the isot contest, the çiğ köfte (food) contests and the concerts were organized.

The concert organized by the Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality in the museum garden area, consisting 50 people of Traditional Sohbet Night team singers, and Şanlıurfa born singers Ferhat Göçer, Mehmet Acet (Aşık Sefai), Münevver Özdemir and Mahmut Tuncer also took the stage at the concert.

Within the scope of URFES Isot Festival, first Mehmet Acet (Aşık Sefai), who received the "Living Human Treasures" award by UNESCO in 2016, took the stage. Ferhat Göçer came to the scene after Mehmet Acet (Aşık Sefai). Lastly, Mahmut Tuncer took the stage with an unforgettable night at the concert that made for the citizens. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi presented plaques and paintings to  the singers Mehmet Acet (Aşık Sefai), Münevver Özdemir, Ferhat Göçer and Mahmut Tuncer who attended the concert.