The İsot (Pepper) Festival at Şanlıurfa with Traditional Sohbet Nights Musical

A big festival is taking place in the capital of music and gastronomy city Şanlıurfa. In the event which is organized in the City Kitchen Museum, the stage of making the İsot was shown as practical and the prepared and it was served to the guests by making Çiğköfte ( traditional Şanlıurfa food). At the festival where the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Traditional Sohbet Nights Musical team sang local songs to  the participants and they were entertained by dancing local dances. There will be concerts and other events to be attended by Şanlıurfa artists.For the Urfa İsot, which is among the indispensable ones of Şanlıurfa cuisine, the İsot Festival will be organized for the first time in the city by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.

The festival will start with the slogan " Acımız Büyük Keyfimiz Yerinde " and will be held on 16th of September 2017 in the Kısas district with İsot harvest.The events to be held between 7-8 October will include the İsot exhibition, the making of İsot, competitions and concerts will be held.On the first day of the İsot festival, the musical capital of Şanlıurfa, Traditional Sohbet Nights Musical, Zekeriya Ünlü, Sedat Anar, Fireworks show and Ferhat Göçer concert will held.On October 8, the second day of the program, there will be a Çiğköfte(food) contest, With an orchestra of 150 people, Urfa divan and Urfa music, a public collection of artist Aşık Sefai, Münevver Özdemir and Mahmut Tuncer concerts will held.