Şanlıurfa Music on UNESCO Road!

The preliminary application for the registration of this feature of Şanlıurfa, which is known as "the city of music" and which has produced important artists, was accepted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In Şanlıurfa, one of the oldest cities in the world, public institutions and organizations are working hard to register the music of the city, which has a deep history and culture accumulation, in the international arena.

The inhabitants of the city and artists, such as Ibrahim Tatlıses, Muslüm Gürses, Nuri Sesigüzel and Kazancı Bedih, are also known for their musical tendencies.

The traditional sohbet nights and entertainment programs, which are held at historical guesthouses located at almost every corner of the city, are attracting attention from local and foreign tourists.

The coffee house, also known as "Yasin's Coffee ", which is considered to be the place where people who are interested in music in the city gathered in the past, "the place where the music heart beat ", serves as the İbrahim Tatlises Music Museum for 5 years after the restoration work. It reflects in the museum with traditional sohbet nights and mummy sculptures of the musicians who make this culture. The "Muslum Gürses Museum" in the city has a lot of radio, record and instruments from the past. Music foundation is deep


Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi explained that the city had a deep-rooted and rich cultural heritage.

Stating that they are making efforts to transmit the potential of the city to future generations, the President exchanged views with many famous artists and announced that they decided to apply for the UNESCO nomination in the city's music category.

Nihat Çiftçi, who stated that the preliminary application was accepted by UNESCO, said the following evaluations:

"Şanlıurfa is a music city, a field with a very deep musical background that cultivates very important people. Therefore, Şanlıurfa has a historical sub-structure that goes from Turkish art music to ghazel (Ottoman poet), from folk music to Arab and even Christian music. We need to register this as cultural heritage at UNESCO. So if Şanlıurfa wants to become a brand city in music, it has to fulfil its necessity. The Department of Foreign Relations of our municipality has prepared a project in this regard and we made our application to UNESCO for music and accepted our preliminary application. The fact that the documents, wealth, correct documents and the correct preparation of the project were very effective in this matter."


Tekin Tatar, who performed as a musician in traditional sohbet night entertainments in the city, said that they are trying to present Şanlıurfa culture with programs organized by local and foreign people every day.

Tatar, who stated that traditional sohbet night organizations also help people to get together and get together, said:  "There is a very different sincerity in here. Of course UNESCO's contributions to us will be very much, but we will be very contributing to UNESCO in same way. The UNESCO name will be spread more. Many people do not know about UNESCO, but by the end of the day UNESCO's name will start to spread a bit more. UNESCO is a very good hit, by joining to the network I hope the traditional sohbet night organizations will get a little bit better at the moment, and to open up to a better world. This will make everyone better learn how beautiful it is and how humane it is. "

Musician Mithat Hayıoğlu stated that he has been in the industry for 40 years and expressed his confidence that he will be able to introduce the city's unique music on an international scale through UNESCO.