Expo 2016 Şanlıurfa Day

EXPO 2016 with the participation of 52 countries for the first time in TURKEY has been unforgettable night for visitors by the invitation of the 'Urfa Sıra Gecesi' program organized by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality in Antalya under the name 'Expo 2016 Urfa Day'.

In EXPO 2016, where 10 Metropolitan Municipalities participated in Antalya; Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality's 'Urfa Sıra Gecesi' event attracted an intense interest. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality promoted the historical and natural beauties of the city with the garden they established in Antalya EXPO 2016 also introduced the culture of the city with the night they organized.

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister and EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Chairman Faruk Çelik, AK Party Şanlıurfa Deputy Mehmet Ali Cevheri and Metropolitan General Secretary Mehmet Emin Özçınar participated in the ceremony for Şanlıurfa. Speaking at the Şanlıurfa night, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Faruk Çelik stated that “Şanlıurfa is fertility, agriculture, tourism, historical city and that its features will not end with counting, and that the first event in EXPO 2016 was organized by Şanlıurfa”. He said that Şanlıurfa’s people had longed for the country in every part of Turkey and that such organizations of the Urfa culture to the four sides’ country provided from Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.

Also he said, "We have done what we promised in Şanlıurfa city center and districts. At the Expo Fair, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality had a great work with great devotion. It carried the historical and cultural values of Şanlıurfa to Antalya. It formed a small Urfa from Kümbet (dome) houses to Göbeklitepe, from the samples of the first Islamic university to the vegetation cover of the region and a miniature of Urfa in Antalya. “I congratulate the Metropolitan Municipality because of this works and organisations, "he said.

Speaking at the night of Urfa, AK Party Şanlıurfa Deputy M. Ali Cevheri said "There is no doubt this year was the year of the Şanlıurfa in Expo Fair. It was very important for us to give the Independence Medal to Şanlıurfa until a short time ago. The meeting of the Council of Ministers in Şanlıurfa was also important. Today, a very nice program in Antalya we met with our people. “I would like to thank my friends who have contributed in this event”.

After their conversation, the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Sıra Gecesi group took the stage for visitors. Invitations were accompanied on the stage with the Çiğ Köfte ( Şanlıurfa’s traditional food) as well as the local community accompanied with the event with singing and tasting the food.