My Mood Is My Music, My Music Is My Mood

Şanlıurfa GAP Anatolian High School organised the 2nd Comenius program in its 8-year history. In February 2012, the high school applied as a coordinator to the Comenius school partnership project, where school management could collaborate with European countries. After the adoption of the project application, there was great joy in school management and students. Şanlıurfa GAP Anatolian High School Manager Avni Aslanoglu said, "After a long wait, we got the news that our project was approved by the end of the summer". This made us very happy. The project, entitled 'My mood is my music, my music is my mood', said that they intended to learn different cultures, lifestyles, differences and similarities through music and to teach our own culture through music as well.

Şanlıurfa GAP Anatolian High School  Director Avni Aslanoglu: "Our project partners are Germany, Hungary, England, Bulgaria and Turkey in the name of our school will be the coordinator of this project. Within the scope of the project, we made our first visit with our English teacher Nehir GÜNEROĞLU, Literature teachers Hayati DOĞAN and Mehmet ULUÇ and with four students at the beginning of December in our partner school called Christian-von-Bomhard Schule in Uffenheim, Germany.  We were welcomed very well received by our students and we had the opportunity to recognize German culture on site. In addition, we have become aware of the importance of foreign language so that we have the chance not only to learn German language but also to meet with students from different countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria and England to participate in common activities. We will be doing our next visit to England between 18 and 24 March 2013”. He said.