Şanlıurfa Turkish Folk Music Competition

Şanlıurfa Culture Education Art and Research Foundation (ŞURKAV) organizes the Turkish Folk Music prize-winning contest on "Şanlıurfa and Culture" with the aim of reflecting the values and cultural values of Şanlıurfa.


The governor of Şanlıurfa, who spoke about the event organized by the Foundation, said that the Foundation had signed many activity as many as today. Governor said, "ŞURKAV has performed very important services for the identification, preservation and development of Şanlıurfa province's historical, touristic, social, cultural and educational values since 1990.



ŞURKAV will organize a composition contest that reflects the cult of Şanlıurfa and It's a race on a national scale. The first prize will be 7,500 TL, the second prize will be 5,000 TL and the third prize will be 2,500 TL. From the date of the announcement, we are asking all our musicians in Turkey to participate in this competition. We aim to put a value on the values, treasures and cultures of Şanlıurfa ".



While contributing general literary and musical culture and mummification with the new compositions composed in the quality to be used in the Turkish Folk Music repertoire, Şanlıurfa's historical, architectural, geographical, cultural, folkloric etc. Aims to refresh the memories of Şanlıurfa culture by taking advantage of literary and musical elements and establishing a cultural bridge between the past and today and it is aiming to create a multifaceted awareness on behalf of Şanlıurfa especially on the pioneer of culture and art.



Şanlıurfa Culture Education Art and Research Foundation aims to provide the students with the opportunity to learn about the historical, architectural, geographical, cultural, folkloric, etc. aspects of Şanlıurfa by taking advantage of different vocabulary, sentences  and couplets on the subject of "Şanlıurfa and Its Culture" (Literary and artistic style) Turkish Folk Music Competition ".
First : 7.500 TL.
Second : 5.000 TL.
Third : 2.500 TL.