Music Culture

The music, the same age as the history of mankind has the power to unite and unite the people of different race, religion, language, faith, land and flag. Music has been at the forefront of the arts interacting and integrating with the society while enjoying various cruises and developments until the day it arrives.

Having a history of 11,000 years as a settlement center, Şanlıurfa has been home to many civilizations throughout history and has a rich cultural background. As a result of the talents and passion of the people in the city as musicians, music has also become a part of the reputation of the historical city.

The most important factors in the development, spreading, and revealing new artists of music in Şanlıurfa are " sıra geceleri ", " oda toplanmaları " and " dağ yatı geceleri ".

Generally, in winter nights, groups of friends who are close to each other come together which are called " sıra gecesi " in Şanlıurfa, where they meet in a weekly basis, one evening at a friend's house every week, in order of a certain quality and level. People, who join to these meetings from their young age, learn traditions and customs, music cultures, social life rules, respect, tolerance and solidarity at these nights.

The " sıra gecesi " , in the nature of public conservatoire  are practical environments where music is performed in the master apprentice tradition. System music is performed at the " sıra gecesi "  meetings organized by the singer and the instrument. The young people, who are interested in music, listen to the masters and get music knowledge and decency at these nights. The hearing, hands how to play music and the tongues how to sing music are trained at  " sıra gecesi " night.  Tradition and elegance are taught from father to son.

In the television programs organized by the name " sıra gecesi " night the conversation in the evening, traditional games and music are not reflected in the entire section, only the "musical chapter" section and the traditional Şanlıurfa food presented which called “Çiğ köfte” in the events. For this reason, when it is called as a " sıra gecesi ", it is commonly understood as "music night". However, music is just one part of the " sıra gecesi ".

In Sanliurfa, many musicians  have grown up which we can count more than one the traditional musical masters during the mastership period, such as Mukim Tahir, Kel Hamza, Damburacı Derviş, Cemil Cankat, Bekçi Bakır, Tenekeci Mahmut, Ahmet Hafız, Kazancı Bedih, Mehmet Ozbek, Seyfettin Sucu and Mustafa Savaş which  the young people also benefited from them.